One on One Advice

Most Section 7 consultation questions can be addressed through training coursework, review of relevant resources, or discussions with experienced co-workers.

Occasionally, however, consultation issues will arise that go beyond the scope of these first line support systems. Practitioners confronting these especially complex consultation questions may benefit from a one on one advice session with a Section 7 expert, like Doug Laye. Doug has decades of experience assisting practitioners through every aspect of the Section 7 process. He provides advice not in the form of legal guidance, but in the form of top-level practical input designed to help practitioners work through their most vexing consultation questions.

If you believe that a one on one advice session with Doug could help you to resolve a specific consultation issue you face, please contact him with the details of your situation using the form below. Doug will assess your issue on a case by case basis, and will let you know if he believes a one on one advice session is an approach worth pursuing. If it is, he will also outline session formats and fees.