About Us

Doug Laye

Founder, Chief Instructor

Doug began his career with the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service as a field crew member on the first 3 re-introductions of the California condor to southern California. Transferring into the Ecological Services Program, he spent the next 25 years conducting, leading, and advising ESA Section 7 consultations. Along with assisting in field work with listed species, he also maintained qualifications as a type 2 wildland firefighter until retiring from the Service in 2022. His career spanned offices in California, Oregon, Idaho and Colorado, including serving six years as Mountain Prairie Region’s consultation coordinator, and three years as the first National Section 7 Policy Lead for the FWS headquarters in Falls Church, Virginia.

Over that time, he trained hundreds of federal and non-federal biologists in the practice and philosophy of successful consultation and was consistently one of the most highly rated instructors at the Fish and Wildlife Service’s National Conservation Training Center from 2007-2020.

In 2015 and 2018 he was a key Fish and Wildlife Service member on teams revising the federal regulations for section 7 consultation, the draft revision of the consultation handbook in 2020 and the revision of the national section 7 training course for the National Conservation Training Center in 2020.